A movie about love, a movie about angels, a feel good movie.

Love and Angels (La Nostalgie de l’Ailleurs in French) tells the story of Arielle, an inveterate lover who dreams of absolute, purity and beauty, in short of The great love.
Is it possible on earth without heaven’s help?


An artistic gamble

UA movie without shooting, the first feature-length fiction movie to our knowledge entirely created from images taken from mythical movies or less known ones, from archives and from digital post-production.
More than a 100 actors, singers, today’s and yesterday’s icons will be represented. More than 120 cinematographic works assembled, reassembled and revisited.
The pleasure of rediscovering on the big screen our emotions of the past to reinvent love today.
A tribute to the genius of directors and to the magical performance of actors that makes them several times eternal.


A legal challenge

Since this movie is entirely composed of pre-existing images, acquiring the rights of each of them is a battle. As we are set on clearing all copyrights in order to allow this film to obtain the screening license for movie theatre, we’ll have to disrupt current practices, while remaining ethical as far as copyright and moral rights. It comes down to one thing: negotiating more reasonable prices so that acquisition of rights is no longer an obstacle to creation: a relevant and necessary legal challenge in the Internet era (see the petition letsmovethearchives.org)

A lots of UFOs (Unidentified Film Objects) never managed to get out of the parallel distribution. Let’s dream that Love and Angels will light up the screens.

The director Arouna Lipschitz

Producer, philosopher, writer.
Her website: arouna.com