Angels and Love Films – Paris


V2lam Productions – Paris

Nexus Factory – Bruxelles
“In view of the foretaste presented, the film appears promising and constitutes for us a challenge to be met.” Serge de Poucques


Les Écrans de Paris
“I’m interested to follow the advancement of your project and its budget in order to discuss with you the concrete points of our collaboration.” Sophie Dulac


Le Chaînon Manquant – Paris
“With Love and Angels, we have a real opportunity to set a precedent in the history of cinema. It would be the first feature-length movie without shooting, made only from other movies excerpts. Let’s dare the question of rights and prices. Let’s simplify the legislation without dispossessing the right holders of their essential rights. Let today’s filmmakers produce the films of tomorrow. Let us unlock this creativity which only asks for it. We are convinced that it’s possible to proceed with an ethical use of existing works, while remaining on the side of the law. This is why we wholeheartedly support this project.” Catherine Paoli

Docs&Stock – Bruxelles
“An innovative and creative project like Arouna Lipchitz’s is a real opportunity not only to bring back to life well-known and already exploited images, but also to take forward the complicated and sometime unclear legislation on the use of images and artworks of others. The main purpose of this film is of course to lead us through emotions, to tell a story in a way that has never been done before, but also to become a reference in the matter of copyright and use of the works of others. It should serve as a springboard for a new charter of proper legal use, at the very least in its practical application.” Isabelle Errera

Marelle Films – Paris
Sarah Darmon